Making Markodojo | Confessions of a Frustrated CMO

I’ve spent the bulk of my career in B2B software and enjoyed ten years of it in the CMO spot. However, I have always been confounded, […]

Agile Marketing Debate:
Scrum for Marketing Sucks!

I’ll be honest. My first experience with Scrum for marketing was not a good one. The fact that I was a bit of a skeptic notwithstanding, […]

Agile Marketing Debate:
Scrum for Marketing Rocks!

Marketing can be a mad house.  I’ve been working on the front lines in marketing for quite a while, and that’s one thing I’ve learned for […]

The Yin Yang of Agile Marketing

Today’s marketers have access to oceans of data about prospects, customers, competitors, influencers, and so forth. There are many who think that marketing success is just […]