Marketing Process Management

Rise Above Random Acts of Marketing

Every marketing team needs good project management. However, a project is by definition a one-off. Sustainable revenue growth requires innovation to optimize new marketing programs and high production efficiency to scale mature ones. Efficiency without innovation results in flat-lined revenue as existing marketing programs run out of gas. Innovation without efficiency results in low marketing ROI and un-scalable random acts of marketing. Markodojo marketing process management helps you build a revenue generating marketing machine.

Scale Marketing Best Practices to Drive Revenue Growth

Deliver Predictable Marketing Success with Marketing Process Management

  • Organize marketing processes with custom workflows
  • Design process-specific templates, forms, and reports
  • Accelerate request, review, and approval cycles
  • Develop marketing process metrics and benchmarks
  • Marketing memory enables continuous improvement
marketing process management software
marketing process management software - cross functional

Streamline Cross-Functional Marketing Processes

Integrate The Marketing Management Process Across Teams, Departments and Divisions

  • Submit marketing project requests with custom, community forms that capture the information you need.
  • Publish schedules to keep external sponsors apprised
  • Attach documents, images and briefs to project requests
  • Include external contributors such as agencies, sales, customers and engineering on marketing project teams
marketing process management software

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Increase Production Efficiency through Standardization

Avoid Spin Cycles Caused by Poor Communication with Marketing Process Management

  • Formalize and track hand-offs to eliminate rework
  • Clone and reuse complete marketing project plans
  • Provide step-by-step marketing project templates
  • Customize and capture critical data by project type
marketing process management software - standardization
marketing process management software - focus

Remove Bottlenecks that Choke Marketing Output

Focus on What Needs to Get Done Right Now with Marketing Process Management

  • Get and receive immediate feedback
  • Assign action items to other team members
  • Find everything you need in one location
  • Receive email alerts on comments and assignments

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