Instill Best Practices with Marketing Process Management

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Generic office and project management tools help track your todos, but they provide no method to your marketing madness. Marketing management is a unique balancing act creativity vs. productivity, emotion vs. data, and of short term vs. long term. Marketing projects come in a staggering variety and often require the work of many contributors both inside and outside the marketing department. Markodojo marketing management software helps marketers develop consistent marketing management processes that encourage creativity, increase efficiency and enable best practices to produce strong, repeatable marketing results.

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Get the Right Tool for the Job

Finally, an App Fit for Marketing Management

Markodojo is designed to help marketers be more strategic, more creative and more agile. No other tool will help you cultivate better marketing ideas, build a strategic marketing roadmap, plan a major trade show, and apply agile marketing to ongoing campaigns. No other tool will help you balance your work from all the angles marketers require: from strategic focus, to customer segment, to marketing channel, to individual workload, and more. No other tool will help you synchronize work across the entire marketing department from individual team members all the way up to the CMO, then out to sales, customers, engineering, agencies and vendors. No other tool will help you establish a permanent marketing memory of historical marketing ideas, relationships, artifacts and results to enable continuous improvement. You just won’t find these integrated marketing management capabilities in any other app, because Markodojo is designed for you.

Break Out of Your Spreadsheet Cell

Spreadsheets are for accounting — Markodojo is for marketing

Spreadsheets and generic project management tools have been the status quo for marketing management, but they fall woefully short of what marketers need to thrive. They make it easy to start a ‘to do’ list, but as soon as you touch the wide variety, complexity and volume of projects in marketing, spreadsheets and generic project management tools fail. Managing multiple projects with fluctuating teams breaks their model. Collaboration is fragmented across multiple communication channels. Visibility and sharing are cumbersome. Markodojo marketing management software was built to address the needs and complexities unique to marketers. We help your team focus on great marketing, rather than waste cycles building work-arounds in tools meant for other disciplines.

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agile marketing management software focuses outward

Generic Project Management Tools Focus Inward

Marketing needs to extend outward

Marketing frequently embraces outside team members, like contractors, partners, agency staff and others, making them core team members on many projects. Your marketing management software should embrace them as well. Generic project management tools track tasks and activities of outside team members indirectly, but only inside team members work within the tool. This causes project updates and input to be communicated in other channels, weakening coordination and collaboration. Markodojo marketing management software brings people outside marketing seamlessly into your projects and empowers them with Markodojo capabilities. This simplifies communication and fosters collaboration with everyone involved, whether they are internal or external team members. Markodojo brings the right people and the best ideas directly to each project, so you get the most from your marketing ecosystem.

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Seeing is Believing

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Clickstreams Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Markodojo brings marketing closer to customers

The better you understand your customers, the better your marketing programs will be. Real feedback from real people to get real motivations creates insight that clickstream data and market demographics simply cannot match. Because value is measured only in your customers’ eyes, you must know as much as possible about their motivations through direct feedback. Markodojo marketing management software puts feedback tools in your marketing teams' hands so they can continuously gather data and insights from customers and sales. Markodojo makes “know thy customer,” a real, every-day practice for your team.

marketing management software tells the full story
agile marketing management software must be open

Poor Communication Kills Confidence

Build buy-in and trust through complete visibility

Marketing must provide visibility of plans, status and results to a broad range of people. In the absence of visibility, expectations quickly become misaligned resulting in mistrust and defensive negotiations. Complete marketing transparency of both the good and the bad means decisions are based on reality, and expectations are realistic. Keeping all stakeholders continuously informed and up-to-date is easy in Markodojo. Markodojo team members use secure sharing via the Internet to publish real-time views to collaborate on projects, capture requests directly into project backlogs, publish marketing calendars, share marketing performance charts, and more. True transparency is achieved only when visibility is easy and continuous, strengthening trust and alignment.