Integrated Marketing Management Software

Coordinate and Communicate Marketing Programs and Processes

Modern marketing requires the contribution and coordination of an enormous variety of marketing programs and marketing people. Marketing projects come in a staggering range of size and complexity from tweets to trade shows. Each marketing role is unique, yet they must all work together to produce quality results. Plus, marketing management requires ongoing collaboration with a wide array of contributors outside the marketing department, including customers, sales, engineering, vendors, industry influencers, executive teams, and so on. Markodojo integrated marketing management software helps you apply method to the marketing madness, empowering marketing teams to be more strategic, more innovative, more productive and more agile

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Marketing Planning Calendars and Roadmaps

Visualize Your Marketing Plan from Top to Bottom

Marketing calendars come in all shapes and sizes. The CMO wants a roadmap of marketing programs by quarter and strategic goal. The Events Manager needs to share the annual event plan backed-up by detailed task lists of who is doing what to make it happen. And, Marcom team members need a flexible daily, weekly, monthly work plan that allows them to balance resources and time against commitments. Markodojo marketing calendars and roadmaps allow each marketer to visualize and communicate the marketing plan from the perfect perspective.

Marketing Project Management

Increase the speed and quality of marketing execution

Great marketing organizations are built on fast, agile project management engines. Markodojo marketing management software kickstarts your marketing project management engine by helping you prioritize ideas, balance ideas against marketing resources, and then schedule them efficiently to build optimized marketing plans. Improve the effectiveness of daily marketing meetings by highlighting projects that are late or completely blocked. Get critical visibility to all marketing activities from daily work plans to strategic marketing roadmaps. Markodojo agile marketing management software let's you see everything marketing is doing from every angle you need to increase marketing agility.
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marketing project management software
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Marketing Team Collaboration

Foster Creativity and Maximize Productivity

Marketing achieves the best results when all marketing team members, both inside and outside the marketing department, work together seamlessly. Markodojo agile marketing management software makes sharing and collaboration easy and natural. Marketing team members can have detailed online conversations, share important documents, provide daily updates and track progress against plan in one central marketing project room. Everything is in context, eliminating precious work cycles wasted on searching and connecting important marketing project information. Markodojo agile marketing management software integrates all marketing conversations with email, so marketing team members never miss important updates. Plus, marketing project rooms can be easily shared to enable online collaboration with outside consultants, agencies, sales and product teams.
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marketing document annotation

Provide detailed feedback on new marketing assets with native comments and annotations for standard image and PDF files.

Marketing Process Management

Rise Above Random Acts of Marketing

Instill best practices, enable innovation and increase efficiency by standardizing and automating core marketing processes, including creative design and production, event management and online campaign development and deployment. Markodojo marketing process management software helps you rise above random acts of marketing and the built-in limitations of simple project management tools.
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Marketing Relationship Management

Stay Connected to the People that Matter

Marketing works as a team with a wide variety of contributors, including customers, sales, product, industry influencers, journalists, agencies and other marketing vendors. Unfortunately, the history of these relationships is often lost. Markodojo marketing relationship management software consolidates all your important marketing contact information in one central database, and maintains an ongoing history of your interactions with key external team members as a natural result of online collaboration and sharing. Keep marketing connected to the people that matter by making it easy to stay in touch and integrate them into day-to-day marketing activities.

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Surveys, Ratings and Polls

Get Closer to Customers and Sales

Sometimes click-streams just don't cut it. Marketing needs real feedback from real people to understand their needs and underlying motivations. Markodojo agile marketing management software provides a wide variety of marketing feedback tools that can be sent by email, added to your website as simple widgets or even embedded in online products. Results are automatically presented in colorful built-in charts, so the entire marketing department can see the results in real-time. Don't wait until next quarter to put out that survey, get closer to customers and sales everyday!

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