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See Your World From a Marketers Perspective

In marketing, timing isn't just about meeting arbitrary deadlines. From coordinating a global product launch to offering an online coupon, timing serves a critical business purpose. Markodojo marketing management software helps create your marketing calendar and plan like a marketing manager instead of a task manager, so you stay focused on the business of marketing.

Marketing Calendar, Roadmap and Daily Workplan

Visualize your marketing calendar by quarter, month, week or day

  • Schedule campaigns, content, events, and more
  • Create your marketing calendar with easy drag and drop
  • Color by owner, focus, segment, channel, or size
  • Switch from short to long term views with ease
  • Share your marketing calendar and roadmap online
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best marketing calendar software - marketing mix

Balance Marketing Projects Across Channels, Segments, and Teams

Make sure your marketing calendar has the right marketing mix

  • Track projects by channel, segment, value and size
  • Present your marketing calendar by channel or segment
  • Understand staff workload over time by level of effort
  • Drag and drop to balance projects among teams
  • See your world from a marketer's point of view
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Align Marketing Plans with Marketing Strategy

Reinforce strategic goals from the marketing roadmap down to individual tasks

  • Categorize any project by its strategic focus
  • Create a marketing roadmap for the executive team
  • Remind marketing staff why they do what they do
  • Ensure your marketing plan addresses strategic goals
  • Plan like a marketer, not a project manager
best marketing calendar software - marketing strategy
best marketing calendar software - backlog prioritization

Capture and Cultivate a Backlog of The Best Marketing Ideas

Reduce project slippage while maximizing the impact of your marketing calendar

  • Apply a simple agile project workflow: Ideas, Plans Done
  • Increase productivity by not working on half-baked ideas
  • Prioritize your project backlog, so you know what's next
  • Rate ideas based on customer value and project size
  • Capture ideas from customers, sales, and product teams with built-in surveys and project request forms

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