7 Marketing Management Lessons You Don’t Learn in B-School

Most major business schools offer degrees in marketing management. These programs teach aspiring marketing managers all the fundamentals of marketing, unfortunately they teach very little about marketing management. Unless you expect to spend your entire marketing career as a department of one, then there are some very important marketing management lessons you probably missed in business school. This is the last post in a Markodojo marketing management blog series on marketing management process. Earlier posts in the series focused on common marketing management pitfalls, the importance of marketing leverage in driving sustainable revenue growth and organizational options for scaling marketing […]

The ABC’s of Scaling Startup Marketing

The ABC’s of Scaling Startup Marketing Markodojo Marketing Management Process Series Startup marketing is incredibly challenging. Finding product-market fit, building a brand from scratch, and ramping revenue from zero to millions, these fundamental startup marketing problems are absolutely daunting. As if they weren’t enough though, the difficulty of scaling startup marketing is compounded by incredibly tight marketing budgets, changing market conditions, rapid organization growth, high expectations and an uneven understanding of marketing’s role in the business. Click to Download Now Click to Download Now As a career CMO and now CEO of Markodojo, I’ve repeatedly confronted the startup marketing challenge. […]

Five Marketing Management Pitfalls

Most marketing managers would prefer to spend 100% of their time on marketing and 0% of their time on management. Unfortunately, the more senior the marketing manager, the more this balance must shift toward management over marketing. Marketing management means more than just telling people what to do and when it needs to be done. Marketing management means deploying a marketing organization and supporting marketing management process that enable marketing teams to thrive, because they provide the right balance of innovation and production to meet the overarching goals of the marketing department. Improper care of the marketing management process as […]

Agile Marketing Project Management | Breaking Up Work

Breaking big marketing projects into lots of little marketing projects is a fundamental tenet of agile marketing, but it’s often easier said than done. For example, try putting on a world-class trade show incrementally. Some marketing projects are inherently ‘big bang’ and the smart agile marketing manager honors their inherent nature without losing the core benefits of agile marketing. Aside from its common-sense appeal, incremental execution derives from some very basic ideas about work. This post on agile marketing project management digs beneath the surface to develop a deeper understanding of this core agile marketing concept, so we know when […]

Breakout Marketing Teams that Drive Growth

In marketing, quality always comes before quantity. Spending big on poor quality communications, inferior products or misaligned channels is simply a waste of money. High quality marketing creates marketing leverage: repeatable revenue with high marketing ROI. Unfortunately, you cannot buy marketing quality. Marketing quality comes from the creative minds of hard-working marketing teams. Marketing teams are the heart and soul of every marketing organization. In fact, most marketing departments spend more money on people than they do on programs. If you want to build sustainable revenue growth through marketing, then you must first build innovative, productive marketing teams. This is […]

Is Your Marketing Management Process Out of Gas?

Marketing managers come in many varieties and they employ an even broader variety of marketing programs. In the end, however, all marketing managers are tasked with the same goal: revenue growth. There are countless great marketing blogs, e-books and indeed textbooks on tools and techniques to drive revenue growth: once. Unfortunately, you don’t create sustainable revenue growth by stringing together a hodge-podge of marketing programs. Sustainable revenue growth requires a marketing management process that consistently discovers, optimizes and scales new sources of revenue. Is your marketing management process fueling sustainable revenue growth, or is it running out of gas? This […]