Marketing Project Management Software vs. Generic Project Management Software

Generic project management software is good for a wide variety of projects. That is exactly why it falls short for marketing project management. Generic project management software is, well, generic. Marketing project management software should focus on the way marketing teams and marketing projects work. To fully optimize marketing, project management software must focus on the unique needs of marketing, rather than be a one size fit all solution for everyone from building contractors to NASA. Below, we examine 5 key areas where marketing project management software should address the project structures, flow, tracking and sharing needs common in marketing […]

Adopting Agile Marketing | Take an Easier Path

Adopting agile marketing doesn’t need to be a traumatic, seismic shift for your marketing group. Don’t worry about deep diving into complex methodologies, or duplicating the practices of agile development. Agile marketing is foremost a mentality and a culture based on flexibility, speed, true customer value, and openness. The methodology you choose is secondary. So, start you agile marketing journey in small, simple steps.  First, adopt the core disciplines of agile marketing. Then, apply some basic agile processes, see how they work, adapt them, and iterate. In other words, the best approach to adopting agile marketing is an agile approach! […]