Agile Marketing Debate:
Scrum for Marketing Sucks!

I’ll be honest. My first experience with Scrum for marketing was not a good one. The fact that I was a bit of a skeptic notwithstanding, something about it just didn’t feel right from day one. And, it went downhill from there. That being said, I should point out that my marketing colleagues, Jen and Markie, for whom I have the utmost respect, have employed Scrum for marketing with outstanding results. Please be sure to check out their side of the story: Scrum for Marketing Rocks! Scrum for Marketing in the Field I’ve been doing field marketing and event marketing […]

Agile Marketing Debate:
Scrum for Marketing Rocks!

Marketing can be a mad house.  I’ve been working on the front lines in marketing for quite a while, and that’s one thing I’ve learned for sure.   We always have so many projects going on–and so many changing priorities–that it can be hard to know what to do next. When I first learned about agile marketing and the idea of using Scrum for marketing, I knew it was the right way for us to go. Some people weren’t so sure, and you can check out their side of the story in Scrum for Marketing Sucks!  But, I wanted our […]

The Yin Yang of Agile Marketing

Today’s marketers have access to oceans of data about prospects, customers, competitors, influencers, and so forth. There are many who think that marketing success is just a matter of crunching the numbers. If this is the case, then why is the average tenure of CMO’s so short? Why do so many new products still fail? And, why do we still see so many misguided marketing campaigns? Didn’t they do the math? Part Art, Part Science Despite all the data, marketing reluctantly remains as much an art as a science. Most marketing “science” consists of uncontrolled measurements of human actions, opinions […]